Great way to find products for Private Label on Alibaba

I saw this tip in one of the Facebook groups that I’m in and I thought it was amazing so I thought I would share it here:

[Alibaba Tip] Trying to source a particular product on Alibaba can be hit or miss. Here’s a quick tip that might help. The search engine on Alibaba in my opinion is just so -so. you will see the same products over and over by the same vendors and a lot of irrelevant products also. This is certainly not all inclusive but if you go to Google image search and type the name of the product you are looking for and the word “Alibaba” Google will return a large list of easy to visually-scan images. Most of which will be on Alibaba.

[Tip 2]
Many merchants on Amazon are lazy and will just use the photos created by the manufacturer. If you find a product and wonder where else it’s being sold or potentially who manufactured it do this trick. Open the listing in Amazon. Drag the image of the product to your desktop. Now go to Google image search and look for the little camera icon like the one shown in the image below and click it. Now click on the tab that says Upload image. Select the image you just got off of Amazon and Google will search for that exact image or try and match it with similar images.

[UPDATE] Several people have suggested this refinement for a more accurate Alibaba search. “product name”. Thanks to all that suggested this. Also someone suggested that in Chrome you can right click on the image and there’s an option to search Google Images.

You’re a Champion!

Sometimes we have to hurt to grow.

Sometimes life makes us feel ugly before we can shine.

You have to hold on, even when it’s rough – especially when it’s rough – because the easy road doesn’t make champions.

Real heroes aren’t perfect, they just embrace the darkness in themselves and stand up and do what they know is right – especially when it’s hard.

That’s why I know you’ve got this.

This battle you have with yourself, that one where you doubt if you’re worthy, doubt if you’re enough, doubt if you can do it.

I know you can because the doubts share the same place as the greatness in our human hearts.

Every person you look up to, every hero you aspire to be like – that’s you looking at a reflection of your own greatness.

What you see in others is simply what your heart sees in you.

And you’re a Champion, baby – a beautiful, magnificent, strong champion.

Never give up.

-Betty Rocker

Something to remember when you begin something new and are frustrated and struggling

In our world of instant gratification, where we watch movies and TV shows where people master new skills in minutes even seconds we forget what it takes to really be good at something. We develop this unrealistic expectation that we can be good in a few days or a few weeks and if we don’t we get frustrated, unmotivated, depressed. We start doubting ourselves, our self-esteem takes a hit and we start a downward spiral. Sometimes we move on to something else, other times we just distract our self with other things like TV, books, sleep and social media. Both are not great alternatives. The next time I am going through this I’ll watch and remind myself of this video.

Why you should smile when you are struggling learning something new

When you are struggling when you are learning something it can be frustration. You might ask, “Why don’t I understand this?”, “This is soo hard, I’m never going to get this.” and other internal thoughts. When times like this happen take a small 1 and a half min break and watch the video below.

7 Questions to ask about the Market you want to pick for your business

1. Does your customer have the money to pay for your product?
2. Can you easily get the product to your customer? Is the customer accessible to you?
3. Does the target customer have a strong reason to buy your product?
Do you have a strong value proposition?
4. Can you deliver the whole product?
5. Is there entrenched competition that could block you from getting this business that could be real or perceived by your target customer?
6. If you win this market, we it help you win other segments as well? The question is, is this a strategic market that will give you capability, credibility to win other markets that will be equally profitable or more profitable for you?
7. Is the market consistent with the values, passions, and goals of the founding team?