Great way to find products for Private Label on Alibaba

I saw this tip in one of the Facebook groups that I’m in and I thought it was amazing so I thought I would share it here:

[Alibaba Tip] Trying to source a particular product on Alibaba can be hit or miss. Here’s a quick tip that might help. The search engine on Alibaba in my opinion is just so -so. you will see the same products over and over by the same vendors and a lot of irrelevant products also. This is certainly not all inclusive but if you go to Google image search and type the name of the product you are looking for and the word “Alibaba” Google will return a large list of easy to visually-scan images. Most of which will be on Alibaba.

[Tip 2]
Many merchants on Amazon are lazy and will just use the photos created by the manufacturer. If you find a product and wonder where else it’s being sold or potentially who manufactured it do this trick. Open the listing in Amazon. Drag the image of the product to your desktop. Now go to Google image search and look for the little camera icon like the one shown in the image below and click it. Now click on the tab that says Upload image. Select the image you just got off of Amazon and Google will search for that exact image or try and match it with similar images.

[UPDATE] Several people have suggested this refinement for a more accurate Alibaba search. “product name”. Thanks to all that suggested this. Also someone suggested that in Chrome you can right click on the image and there’s an option to search Google Images.

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