You’re a Champion!

Sometimes we have to hurt to grow.

Sometimes life makes us feel ugly before we can shine.

You have to hold on, even when it’s rough – especially when it’s rough – because the easy road doesn’t make champions.

Real heroes aren’t perfect, they just embrace the darkness in themselves and stand up and do what they know is right – especially when it’s hard.

That’s why I know you’ve got this.

This battle you have with yourself, that one where you doubt if you’re worthy, doubt if you’re enough, doubt if you can do it.

I know you can because the doubts share the same place as the greatness in our human hearts.

Every person you look up to, every hero you aspire to be like – that’s you looking at a reflection of your own greatness.

What you see in others is simply what your heart sees in you.

And you’re a Champion, baby – a beautiful, magnificent, strong champion.

Never give up.

-Betty Rocker

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